A Burned Out Apology


A Burned Out Apology

I was wrong.

I’m sorry for treating you like I was owed something; I’m not.

I’m sorry for seducing the air with ill fitted words that sounded good; they weren’t.

I’m sorry for pulling you in without ever turning the light onto you; you deserve it.

I’m sorry for being selfish; like a cap on a candle I burned out the light.

I’m not sorry for being sensitive but I am sorry for the way I used my sensitivity as a weapon on you; unacceptable.

I took a lot, and then I took more.

Lost in myself, I gave you little.

I feel shitty about it.

I’ve never had a better friend and my actions toward you didn’t reflect the love you were giving.

I can’t turn the clocks back and you may never love me again.

I have to be okay with it because I burned out my apologies, I burned out my friend; you.

I can’t give you back what you’ve given to me, but I hope when we come to the end of our lives, by then, we’ll have shared more laughs and you’ll have felt more love than pain derived from me.

I love you, always.