A Season For Everything

Learning on the run

I spent the morning making a last minute flyer and then sending it over to the print shop for an urgent print. Ram printing did a great job. I really enjoyed my experience with them this week. I printed three different flyers and I went to the shop a couple times to check the paper before submitting the projects. They made it easy.

After making the flyer I had a meeting with my boss before posting to social media for the day. I manage and run social media for two cannabis delivery start-ups. After posting I moved on to some emails. Sometimes I get lost in the inbox. (Nice Guys | Winter Greens)

My coworker and I went on a field trip to scout the location for tomorrow's fundraising event. This is the first event I’m apart of planning for Nice Guys. It was wildly stressful at times. But my team is really forgiving and guiding when they see I’m struggling, so it’s also been a really great learning experience. 

I’m looking forward to talking to people about Nice Guys tomorrow. The owners are two incredible people. It’s an easy business to talk about. I hold a lot of respect for them. They are also the parents of two young boys..

While “the Wizard” and I were away from the office we stopped and ordered balloons and picked up a few picture frames to showcase our Ad’s and other Nice Guys messaging on our table tomorrow. I’m excited to see what our table looks like. We are going to have a couple Ipad’s for people to browse our menu and get to know us.

Photo by  freestocks.org  on  Unsplash

There is a season for everything

There are moments when I feel down but then there are times like now when I’m able to step out of myself for awhile to see a bigger picture. I feel excited to be a part of the team I work with and call family. We are building something truly great. It’s such an honor to be in the position I am. 

When I feel sad because I miss my family I try to remind myself that there is a season for everything. That’s something my grandfather told me that I hold close to my heart to this day. I’m away from the people I was raised with, and my nieces and nephew are growing bigger by the day, but I am living in my purpose and I believe now is the time to bite down on this opportunity and rise to become my best self. 

I’m done saying “I’m not good at prioritizing and etc.” It’s time to learn and adopt new skills. I love working in the cannabis industry and I can’t imagine working for a company outside of Nice Guys. When I start to feel down it’s often because I'm stressed and my role comes with a learning curve. Not only am I learning how to run and manage a marketing department, but I am operating in the California cannabis market. Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and California is a leading player in that arena. 

I’ve been banned from Facebook numerous times, and twice it was for 30 days. What’s with that? I’m respectful in the marketing that I do, and when I make a mistake I correct it. I’m not the evil exile Facebook portrays me as in front of my family and friends who continually see me getting deleted from the platform. It furthers the negative stigma that has devastated society for the past 80 + years.  

Instagram has deactivated our instagram 5 different times. But I continue to come back. Although at exhausting lengths sometimes.