Cannabis Sobriety | Day 1 of a month long fast

My Cannabis Fast

Join me as I step away from the plant I love.

The time has come for me to step back and clear my lungs of inhaled cannabinoids. I’ve been a daily cannabis consumer for the better part of 3 years. Prior to moving to California I wasn’t much of a consumer. I tried cannabis a few times while in college but I was an athlete at Michigan State University so I never really got into it until my athletic career was over. I believe this is partly why I fell so hard for the plant. I grew up in a small town with conservative Christian beliefs where marijuana is the “devil’s lettuce” where I come from.

I began wrestling at age 4 and then started training year-round at age 8. I didn’t stop training and competing until I was 24 and completely burned out from the sport. I moved to California to coach wrestling at Stanford University and that is when my love affair with cannabis really took off. Prior to this time my identity was completely absorbed by wrestling. I saw myself as a wrestler first and foremost.

Cannabis helped me take an objective look at my life and it really helped spark my curiosity. A few years prior, while a sophomore in college and feeling depressed from my parents recent divorce, a seed was planted to begin reading and developing my interests that weren’t necessarily related to wrestling - I decided I didn’t only want to be know as a wrestler. Fast-forward a few years and it was cannabis that really helped spark that curiosity back up.

I would consume and then reflect on what I was seeing and how I was feeling. After my year at Stanford I moved north to Marin County, CA where I’ve lived ever since. I have been here for nearly 4 years. Part of that time was spent living on a houseboat with some friends from college; 2 years were spent living in a van, and now I live in an apartment with a friend in Petaluma, CA. While living in a van and working as a barista I acquired a job working in the newly formed legal cannabis industry.


As the years progressed and my involvement in the cannabis space grew I started to shed the guilty association I felt from years of misinformation and the propagandized stigma of the plant. I started consuming more because I didn’t see a problem with it. I became blinded by my obsession for the plant. I saw how helpful it was for people struggling with medical conditions and that made it easy for me to dismiss the way I was using it.

Cannabis is highly unique and it interacts with each of us differently. I became a daily stoner who could function highly on large doses of THC. When my tolerance to flower was high I switched to dabbing. I actually really enjoy dabbing because it is a much cleaner way to consume cannabis than inhaling smoke from flowers, but I don’t like the excessive amount I was doing it.

Which brings me too today and my decision to take a break from consuming psychoactive THC for the month of April. I am still using CBD, THCa, and other non-intoxicating forms of cannabis as I genuinely believe in the healing potential of the plant. Cannabis attaches to the “Endocannabinoid System” in our bodies which happens to be the primary regulatory system in all living vertebrates. If you have a central nervous system (CNS) then you have an Endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid system is largely in charge of regulating the way we experience the world.

I am taking this break not because I believe there is anything wrong or bad with cannabis. I just believe in balance and moderation regarding everything in life and my current love affair with cannabis is highly out of balance. I successfully made it through day 1 without any problems. I am just starting day 2 and thought it would be a good idea to share my journey with you.

I am flying home to Michigan at the end of the month and plan on consuming back home with friends, or not until I return to California in May. I’m excited to see what it feels like to sacrifice something I am so deeply attached to. I view this as a fast. I have developed a sitting meditation practice that I am using to help me stay balanced and to refrain from giving in to my temptations.

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