God Isn't Dead, He's Waiting For You To Wake Up

“I love him who justifies the future ones, and redeems the past ones: for he is willing to succumb through the present ones.” - Friedrich Nietzsche, The Spoke Zarathustra 

These words spoke to me this morning. From my perspective, Nietzsche is able to capture the essence of God in one short sentence. The quote above came shortly after Zarathustra proclaims that “God is Dead,” and it comes as he is trying to explain how man is the bridge between the ape unto super-man.

“What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal: what is lovable in man is that he is an over-going and a down-going.” - Nietzsche

When I was younger and first heard about the Zarathustra story where Nietzsche said “God is Dead” I took it quite literally. I thought he simply meant God didn’t exist and life was limited to the material world we’re engaged with.

But I would be wrong to keep that opinion. According to my view he is trying to tell people that God isn’t a distant source or external entity. I believe he’s telling us that God is each of us.

‘Super-men’ are able to shed their attachment to experience so that they may join the flow of existence omnipotently radiating through time and space. They see themselves in all that is and ever will be. They see themselves in the beggar standing along the street and the child suffering from Cancer. They see themselves in President Trump and Olivia Wilde. They see themselves in their spouses and loved ones. They see themselves in everyone.

The same God that so many people give their hopes too is actually within themselves. I used to have a lot of hope, but then I realized hope was a friend of the devil. Hope zaps us of our God-strength. Hope makes us the victim. Hope isn’t found in self-love. Hope is like a backseat ride in a vehicle flying through the Universe without having a driver steering the wheel.

Faith is God. Trust is God. Faith is trust in self. Self is God. God is self.

When we transcend from hope into a life of faith, and our foundational beliefs are that we are awareness - we are the source, man becomes the bridge of the soul. Allowing your body-vehicle to cross the bridge from an ape to a super-man during your conscious experience on Earth.

P.s. Happy Birthday, Leah. I love you!