Introducing the gratitude journal

Stop 🛑 What 1 thing can you feel grateful for right now? Okay…proceed.

📸 @unsplash

📸 @unsplash

While walking to work this morning I couldn’t help but smile as the sun greeted my skin and warmed my body. It made me think about a neat segment I could add to the website which I’m naming the “gratitude journal.”

It occurred to me that I could use my digital home to spread good vibrations on the inter-webs.

Whenever I invite more gratitude into my life things seem to flow much better, the hue of the day is a little brighter and a bit lighter.

It's a potent medicine. Think about how difficult it is to be mad at someone while you’re in a mind-state feeling genuinely grateful for something. Try it. Stop whatever you’re doing and take 5-10 seconds to feel grateful right now. Allow gratitude to fill your body and cleanse whatever seems to be sticking to you in this moment.

Let go. Are you feeling tension? Breath into it and let go - trust your body to have the answer.

Day 1

Now that I’ve introduced the gratitude journal let me tell you what I woke up feeling grateful for this morning.

Flexibility. Im grateful to have a job and lifestyle that allows me the flexibility to essentially create my own schedule. My bosses are amazing individuals and I couldn’t be more grateful to be working in the place that I am but thats a story for a different day. Just know they’ve created an environment that allows me to feel like I can breath; I can show up anytime as long as Im getting my job done. -> Nice Guys

Embracing a level of flexibility in my day has been hugely important for me. I’m not a fan of rigidity - I appreciate anyone who is flexible and allows life to happen rather than trying to control every level of it, so for me flexibility is like air - I need it to feel whole.

What are you grateful for? Please comment below or DM me on social! Let’s flood the inter-webs with love, light, and gratitude!