Learning to coach myself and become more organized

Image by  Nicholas Jackson  from  Pixabay

My car tire received a puncture from a blade last weekend on a trip to Lake Berryessa. Fortunately my car had a spare tire. I was able to drive home from the lake and get around this week but today I got it fixed. My car is AWL (All wheel drive) so I had to get the same tire or it would mess up the transmission. That's what the salesman told me and it makes sense but I’m not a mechanic.

While driving home from the shop I was caught in rush hour traffic heading North along the 101. I made a P.R mistake at work and although my team helped me fix the situation, I was stressed from making the error and to be truthful, having someone point out my mistake in front of my bosses. It was a tough pill to swallow.

It didn’t sit well in my gut. But it also turned out to be more beneficial than not because after I sent out a correction email we received a few comments back thanking us for correcting our error. I’m not used to this type of arena, but I’m prepared to scrap and learn until I am.

Working for a fast growing start-up is a lot more work than I ever naively imagined. Retail is similar to what I imagined, but only in the sense that I knew it was going to be a lot of work. It’s a “6 day-a-week job” as one of my coworkers often says. And when I made the mistake today she told me how in retail projects are never really done. 

I’m definitely not used to being accountable for my words on the scale that I am today. In the past I had a coach who told me what to do and I did it. It enabled me to be a 3x High School State Champ and to experience a good wrestling career at Michigan State University. 

I made my way into coaching at Stanford University solely based on my reputation and wrestling credentials. I also knew the head coach and had other factors involved so I guess that isn’t necessarily true, but in a wordy way I’m trying to say that I struggled at Stanford when I had to coach other people because I hadn’t learned how to optimally coach myself. In fact, I still haven’t. 

I moved into a van and did that whole thing for a couple years. I learned a lot and met some incredible people. I manifested my current position during that time and I also met M.O who has become an important person in my life. 

But even though I’ve developed as a man in a lot of areas I’m now seeing how I’ve avoided ever learning how to organize my life and manage priorities for myself. I have always relied on my parents, coaches, mentors and friends. I’ve never been put in a position like I am now. A lot of responsibility falls on my shoulders and it’s important that I rise to the occasion. 

Earlier in the month I was feeling sorry for myself. I missed my family (I still do), but I missed them in a way that made me uncomfortable with the home I had here in California. But through my mistakes and reflection and in talking through it I was able to realize that now is the time to step up and learn and grow.

Experiences like today are uncomfortable and unpleasant but I know the laws of improvement and they tell me that it’s going to be uncomfortable before it gets “comfortable.” This is the only way to move forward. I don’t need the situation to get easier, I need to grow better.

Im really grateful for my job at Nice Guys Delivery. I work with some really amazing people. But like I said, it’s a fast moving start up and with that comes a lot of work. I’m always looking to find ways to relax and recharge.

So today when driving home from the tire shop I decided to roll the windows down and enjoy the pace for it’s slow movement. Listening to the traffic jam was therapeutic, meditative really. At certain points I had to quiet my mind by connecting back to my breath because it started to run away with ideas. It’s funny how when my phone is turned off and I’m able to feel calm ideas flood my mind. 

Thanks for reading. This is my daily blog where I use a blank canvas to express myself through words. I use this is as my practice pad. My heart desires to be an author and I’m using this as a vehicle to improve my storytelling and communication abilities.