Living On The Other Side Of The Spectrum

Photo by  Djim Loic  on  Unsplash

Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash

The days are moving fast. And even though I still have a lot of external stimuli coming in through work channels, I feel a lot more in control this week than the last.

Last week was rough. I was an emotional rollercoaster.

But it led to a lot of reflection which resulted in me talking to some important people in my life who I believe gave me the advice that I needed. It allowed me to grant permission to myself to continue moving forward on a mission in the work that I do for Nice Guys Delivery.

I need to continue improving at my job.

I realized that I have some tools to learn and develop, into skills that I can then use to coach myself and others. I want to level up. I’ve never been a very organized person but in order for me to really succeed there are certain areas that I need to do better at. I don’t want to be an average employee. I want to do my best. I plan on doing my best.

Besides the mental reframe a few co-workers, along with Mandy, have helped me organize myself. It has already proven to be helpful. Now the goal is to maintain the practice long enough to commit it to habit.