A lesson from a Medical Bill

Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash

Do the little things

You’ll feel good about yourself.

A few days ago I received my first medical bill that costs more than I’m willing to pay in one lump sum. I’d also like to eat and pay my bills this month, so I called the billing agency at the hospital and told them I wanted to pay my bill but I wasn’t able to submit the entire payment.

I wondered if they could work out a payment plan for me and they did. To my surprise, the woman was extremely helpful. I feel naive in saying that because I’m 29 and I feel like this is basic knowledge but it is what it is. No two people are alike and this is the experience I’m having.

I’ve been investigating some medical concerns recently so the bills are beginning to come in. When I called today I was very lucky and only spent a few rings on the phone before they answered.

It felt empowering to call and essentially stand up for myself. I know this is just about bills. But an older self would have paid the entire thing all at once and then put myself in financial burden later on. Although it was a small phone call that many of you have also probably made, I gained a lot of personal satisfaction and positive self-esteem from accomplishing it today.