My Brother Bear | Gratitude Journal


My brother,

Steven “Bear” Osterman

Some of the greatest gifts in my life come from family so today I turned my gratitude toward my older brother, Bear. When I was really young I used to follow him around everywhere. I used to think we were best friends, and if we weren’t he did a good job hiding it because he included me in just about everything.

For a handful of years while we were growing up we didn’t talk. I was in high school and he was living his life elsewhere. We share separate mothers so during our youth he began spending more time away and we drifted apart. Back then, I used to pray for a day when he would come back and sure enough he did.

He’s one of the strongest souls I know. He’s faced a rough road but has managed to develop the nickname “Mr. Awesome” from always being in an awesome mood. I appreciate his quest for truth and I love his ability to solve his way around a problem, even if it means using cinder blocks as weights in order to get in a work out. He was born with medical conditions beyond my ability to convey but know it has made his journey difficult - facing death multiple times he’s always coming through the other side a more refined, and “awesome” individual. I admire your strength. I’ve gained a lot from you.

He helps keep me moving forward. I also really enjoy the depth of our conversations. We both enjoy diving into spirituality and bouncing philosophical ideas off of one another. At times it’s been hard to find our footing. Our Farther is a Flat Earther… I’m cool with it. But it took a moment for me not to attach to the idea of it. Conversation for another day.

Bear currently lives in an RV in Kentucky and has been living the lifestyle for around 3.5-4 years if I’m not mistaken. He’s the original OG and the inspiration behind my decision to move into a van for a couple of years in the past.

There are a lot of reasons to be grateful for my brother. I love you, Bear.

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