The day before 420 | Nice Guys Cannabis Delivery

Tags: Nice Guys Delivery, Cannabis Delivery, Marin County Cannabis

Tags: Nice Guys Delivery, Cannabis Delivery, Marin County Cannabis

19 April, 2019

Today was a whirlwind. It was the day before 420 in San Rafael where we’re operating as a legal retail company selling weed. All hands were on deck today. Most of the staff stayed the entire day. I came in as a flex-worker and went on a couple deliveries whenever we were feeling the pressure. I felt like a fire fighter putting retail fires out as our micro-level supply chain kept chugging along.

Working in start-up culture is similar to being a wrestler. If you aren’t in it 100% of the way you might as well find something different. It requires too much effort for the faint-of-heart.

Today, while in the office I finished a few creative projects and expanded the Nice Guys net by adding our brand to the Medium platform. Both Instagram and Facebook have given me trouble while marketing for Nice Guys Delivery. As frustrating as it is there’s also a part of me that appreciates the obstacles because it has forced me to grow around it. Like a weed growing through a crack I’ve been learning how to overcome the current barriers while marketing in the cannabis industry.

The podcast is one such triumph.

Last summer I’d grown the first Nice Guys Instagram account to over 2,500 relevant followers and it was erased over night without ever receiving a notice from instagram. This has now occurred 4 times and I’m currently banned from Facebook for 30 days. I’m the marketing and social media manager so there are a lot of issues with this scenario.

I work hard to market in the best and most responsible way possible. My social posts are never sales specific. I use the social platforms to educate and inspire. When I post something regarding cannabis it is either an educational piece about the plant or it is more information about the brand. I’m never posting about our sales and promotions. I add a disclaimer that showcases our business license and also that the content is created for adults 21 + and that nothing is sold on social media. I do my part to follow the guidelines but it hasn’t been working.

Meanwhile, there are black market accounts still operating on platforms like instagram, facebook, and etc. It’s frustrating.

New thought…💭

Today I was thinking, whenever I hear someone tell me they were born during the wrong era I’m reminded in gratitude of being alive today. Youtube and google and other shared content on the internet have radically improved my life.

The internet has given me some incredible experiences, like earning a paycheck while living in a tent and riding a bike across the country - I miss waking up in a tent sometimes.

The internet allows me a lot of opportunities. And it's a great resource to learn things . When I first purchased my van I was able to learn how to fix and replace the fuel tank in my old 1998 Ford Econoline, from watching Youtube videos and reading other peoples blogs. If you want something bad enough the resources are available.

Sure, there is a lot of poor “data” on the internet, but there is also a lot of really helpful material if you’re open to learning.

But thats it for tonight. The download is complete. I’m writing more to start working on my craft. I realize it takes practice and doing a quick brain dump sometime during the day makes for the best material. It helps me reflect on the day while also strengthening my writing muscle.

This was much longer than I anticipated.

I’m still wired from the energy of the day. Tomorrow (more like now - it’s 1am currently) is 420 and I anticipate it being another busy day. I like it. It’s fun! Happy 420! Check out the Nice Guys!