What was my favorite part about living in a van?

The interior of Kamala  | A 1998 Ford E150

The interior of Kamala | A 1998 Ford E150

What was my favorite part about living in a van? 🚐 📍

I mostly enjoyed the sense of freedom I got from it. Now that I’m without a van and am using a bicycle and public transportation to get around I miss the freedom I had to get up and go on a moments notice. Its not that I did it that often - it was just nice to know I could.

It was also a treat whenever I found a new, quiet place to sleep. I often felt a low-level anxiety when it came time to finding new places to park but that was a small price to pay for everything else I got to enjoy when living the lifestyle.

For someone living in a van I didn’t leave Marin County very often. I bought it in Michigan, drove it to California and mostly hung out within 3-5 hours of Mill Valley where I was employed. She was old, my van that is. And, yeah, we just didn’t go very far.

I had a few key spots where I parked each night. It took around 3 months to settle in. Although, I didn’t finish the van until a girl moved in. If it wasn’t for her I would probably still be looking up at the puke orange ceiling before bed. She wasn’t a fan. And i’m glad because she made it homey AF. Her presence made it a better experience.

In truth, there are a lot of things I could tell you that were “my favorite” part about vandwelling but it really depends on the memory. It was a great experience overall. It was also really challenging. When I got out of the van last summer I was ready to move out and try something different. And now that I’ve been in an apartment for 6 months I want to live in a van again. The price of rent in California is one of the biggest reasons, but there’s also that freedom part as well.

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