Lifestyle Notes: May 31, 2019 - Petaluma, CA

Notes: Petaluma, CA 31 May, 2019

I did a lot of exercise today. This morning I went through a workout from my coach that was a functional full body workout, and was high intensity. I think it is considered HIIT training (High-intensity training).

After the workout was finished I jumped on the rowing machine and cranked out 500 strokes in 14:05 minutes. I have a passionate love for that machine because it allows me to activate a deep squat without straining my knees. The motion feels good throughout. I get into a rhythm, lock into my breath, and let it fly. I am aiming to do 500 strokes a day.

I finished my morning workout by foam roam rolling. Later in the day I ran 3.3 miles and I also walked a little over 4 miles round-trip to get groceries. I worked from home so I kept myself busy when I wasn’t working or enjoying the sun.

I consumed 23mg of caffeine today. I had a green tea and that was it. I felt like I had plenty of energy to sustain my focus, as well as stamina during workouts. It is now 11:41pm and I feel like I have a lot of energy. I do think it’s bed time though. I’ve been going to bed earlier and the extra sleep has improved my days and given me a deeper pool of will power. As much as I would love to stay up, there is something special about flexing some discipline and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

I cooked a tasty dinner this evening. I’m not sure what it’s called but it was baked Salmon seasoned with Jerk spices, laid over rice that was cooked with bone broth. I then layered it with a pineapple, cilantro, avocado salad that was probably the best thing I’ve ever made. My body is feeling cleaner, brighter and better each day I progress on this wellness journey. I’m saying no to alcohol, sugar, and excess caffeine. I’m searching for organic food and I am eating to create a healthy gut microbiome to feed the cells that power my body. It’s a process, but I’m really starting to enjoy it.

Until next time,