A podcast about cannabis.

Welcome, to the Not Your Average Nice Guys Podcast!


Business Podcast for Nice Guys | Cannabis Culture 🌿

Listen as we talk about our everyday experiences in the legal California cannabis industry. By listening you’ll gain an insiders perspective on the growth and development of the marijuana industry while it climbs out of the wild west and into a fully regulated market.

We each have different paths to cannabis but our team is passionate about the plant and the individuals consuming it. This podcast was created to help provide our listeners with quality cannabis information from a trusted source, the Nice Guys.

We keep it real and we make it fun.

Our goal is to help end stigma associated with cannabis - aiming to extract the fear out of the marijuana movement. If you enjoy the show please share it on social media and with the important people in your lives. Together we can make a difference! I also recommend following Nice Guys on social media - Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | twitter | Pinterest